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  • Name:Sewlider SL-5+2-D4 Comupterized Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Side Cutter
  • Model:SL-5+2-D4
  • Abstract:Computerized lockstitch sewing machine with edge cutter, auto trimmer, auto press foot lifter.
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Electronic lockstitch machine with edge cutter,  auto trimmer, auto press foot lifter.
No Bearing Sevo Motor:
Only one main shart, more rigid, torque more light, and motor works voice more light.
Switer Device:
Adopt rotray switch switcher, with reasonable position design, convenient and reliable operation so that you can easily change sewing technology: side cutting or normal sewing.
Front Backside automatic foot lifter:
Outside foot lifter electromagent, it let machine's core in the center of head, then reduce the vibration and noise of the machine, outside foot lifter big magent more stronger than inside foot lifter, faster speed, less heat, adjust foot lifter structure, it more soft voice when foot lifter up and down.
Embedded Operate Box:
Adopt big size LCD screen, clear image, embedded structure layout, full functional button design, convenient operation, beautiful appearance.
Control box On Backside:
Hand wheel near operator, so easy to use it. Convenient to carry and equip.


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