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  • Name:Sewlider SL-5490N-7 Bottom and Variable Top-feed Lockstitch Machine
  • Model:SL-5490N-7
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1 Needle, Direct Drive Top Variable Feed Lockstitcher Machine With Auto Trimmer

Ideally balanced top feed and bottom feed.
The top feed motion ideally synchronized with the bottom feed motion to uniformly feed the upper and lower cloths, assuring attractive stitcher and uniform gatering swtiches, this leads to a higher value of finished products.
The durablity of the walking foot has been dramatically improved:
The walking foot provides stable feed at all time, assuring high quality. it also eliminates the need for proficiency.
The maximum top feed amount is 8mm and higher lifter of the presser foot.
It equiped with thread trimming mechanism and Qixing Control Box.
Remark: The appearance of machine are not same as Juki 5490. However, you totally don't worry the quality and functions. That's almost same as Juki 5490.
Sewing Speed:  Max 4500 rpm
Stitch Length: Max 5mm
Needle bar Stroke: 31.8mm
Top feed stroke: 8mm
Presser foot lift: Knee 13mm
Sewing Space: 300 x 135mm
Needle: DBx1 (7#-18#)
Motor: 220V 550W Servo Motor for Industrial Sewing Machine


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